Hello everyone,

Soon I hope to able to address you as fellow home inspectors. I cant at this point as I am not yet licensed to operate in my state of Maryland. I am working on the requirements to do such and am looking forward to entering the field. I have been reading on this forum and appreciate the knowledge I gain from its members. I look forward to participating in the future. So far I have formed my LLC and reserved .com domain. I am also gathering the tools and equipment needed to run with the pack as I await the training classes I will be taking in July. Thanks for everyone sharing thier time and knowledge here.

Please remember our fallen this Memorial Day >


Welcome and Good Luck!

Welcome, John.

Welcome to the boards and the biz.

Great info within these pages.

Good Luck!


I hope for nothing but good for you. WELCOME!!!

Thanks to everyone for the words of encouragement and warm welcomes. Sucess is the only option and it will come.