Inventions and Innovations Nominations

We have a new Nomination for this Award.

I would like to nominate Roy Cooke for innovation and invention award
for the IR camera adapter seen here. Today is 4/19/08

I feel it is a useful idea for thermal imaging cameras.

**Roy Cooke **[size=2]email is [/size]

iNACHI Inventions and Innovations Award

Article 1 – Introduction

The iNACHI Inventions and Innovations Awards Program was created to recognize individuals or companies who create new products, ideas, methods, or technologies, or apply existing knowledge in creative new ways to improve the Home Inspection Industry.

Article 2 – Criteria

Simple requirement – Provides products, ideas, methods, or technologies that are proven to be beneficial to the Home Inspection Professional or Industry.

Article 3 – Eligibility

The iNACHI Inventions and Innovations Awards are open to individuals and company’s based in, or doing substantial business within the Home Inspection Industry. (Employees, officers, directors, staff, members and all others who have been compensated by i-NACHI are not eligible).

Article 4 – Submission Guidelines

Entries are for the period of January 1st thru December 31st of any given year.

Deadline for submission of nominations is set for December 10th of each year.

Only written nominations for an individual or company will be accepted. All nominations must include documentation supporting the required criteria for this award.

Qualifying nominations may be submitted to the Awards Committee by any iNACHI member, regardless of their affiliation with the nominee.

My congratulations to Mr. Roy Cooke for providing us once again, tools to help some of the Members of INACHI.

Congratulations Roy and thank you.

Marcel :smile: