Inventions and Innovations Nominations

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Date of Submission: April 23, 2008

Nominee: Dominic Maricic

Phone: 1-888-750-4777

Nominee Contact Information:

Email: <>
Telephone: 715-441-2386 (Include Area Code)

Award Consideration: Inventions and Innovations
iNACHI Member ID: NACHI06052297

Summary and documentation: Dominic Maricic has produced a multi platform
home inspection software program that is very user friendly and easy to
It runs on PC, Mac, and any system that can run JAVA giving Home Inspectors
extreme flexibility to produce reports as he wants them.](

But the software program is only the beginning as to why he is deserving of
this award.
He is so responsive to input from inspectors on possible changes and
features of the program that one wonders when he finds time to sleep.
He is available by email, online chat and phone and often responds within
minutes to questions and suggestions.
His approach to software development is customer need driven and the
additions and enhancements to Home Inspector Pro continue to make it one of
the premiere HI software packages.

Dominic is also providing other services to HIs including website
development, hosting and report uploading.

He has also been very helpful to many members of InterNACHI through his
participation on the message board with regard to computer problems and
Search Engine Optimization tips for their websites.

Some links to check out.

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Windows or Mac. All InterNACHI members save $100 so HIP only costs $399!
Questions? Contact me at or 1-888-750-4777
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Inspector Pro or
Watch the ALL NEW NACHI.TV <> episode on
Search Engine Optimization for your website!

I know many others would have even more to say about Dominic and I’m sure
they would love to have input. Russell, Spriggs and Bob Elliot and many
others I’m sure.

Thank you for the Nomination, and my congratulations to:

Dominic Maricic

Well, deserved.

Marcel :smile: :grin: