Inventions and Innovations Program

Any New ideas out there that anyone would care to submit to members?

If anyone feels that anyone meets these parameters, submitt your Nominations now for the Awards Committee to review.

** Inventions and Innovations Program**

The NACHI Inventions and Innovations Awards Program was created to recognize individuals or companies who create new products, ideas, methods, or technologies, or apply existing knowledge in creative new ways to improve the Home Inspection Industry.

Simple requirement - Provides products, ideas, methods, or technologies that are proven to be beneficial to the Home Inspection Professional or Industry.

The NACHI Inventions and Innovations Awards are open to individuals and Company’s affiliated with, or doing substantial business within the Home Inspection Industry.


I nominate Roy Cooke Sr.

Mr. Cooke has been able to utilize a local radio station to promote home inspections to the public. This is a very effective way to communicate the benefits of inspections because it reaches a large audience, solicits real time feedback from the listners. Newspapers can’t do that, nor advertising. It also has enabled Mr. Cooke to promote Nachi. From all accounts his radio show is very, very popular.

I second Raymond’s nomination.

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You have to submit your nomination via the link at the end of Marcels post above. You can see the link, can’t you? I still can’t see it.

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