Investigations of Electrical Incidents

NIOSH FACE Investigations of Fatal Electrical Incidents


I found none that included Home Inspectors, guess because the report was not designed to follow that industry.

I still can remember when I was shocked in a “basament”, it felt like being kicked by a horse!


I hear ya Joe…been their…I was a young electrician back oh about 1989 and I was heading up a University of Virginia remodel and well had one of my helpers go and tag out a disconnect to a 480V 600 Amp set of CT cabinets I was getting ready to work in…

Well…he came back and said they are locked out…and I took his word for it…well guess what…I am LUCKY I was on a Fiberglass ladder because I was thrown off it…and my heart was racing for hours…

Moral of the story is…since 1989 I TRUST no one when it comes to working with electricity…we are electricians and re RESPECT what it can do…I was young…foolish and felt INVINCIBLE…after that day I knew differently.

Sometimes it takes EVENTS to change one’s outlook…

I have been reading some of these cases . Makes you realize one day a bad choice, non functioning equipment could be your last day of employment.:frowning:

How many times have you guys checked and double checked lock outs before you start working?

You talk about scary scenarios… Go to an auction at a large company or machine shop. Some really dangerous stuff taking place at these auctions when people start moving machines. You get some guy disconnecting a 440V line while hot! :shock:


Yes, this is why education on electrical issues is so important. Sure plumbing and HVAC issues are important...BUT electrical issues can KILL and unless you understand it to the POINT you respect it......yes simply crawling in a crawl space with LOOSE wires can KILL YOU....

At the end of the DAY.....ELECTRICITY KILLS......Learn About It, Watch For It and Respect It....

YOU can NEVER know enough about Electrical Issues.....just when you THINK you know it all.......ZAP.....Reality Sets In..