Invisible mold or mildew

My aunt’s vacant house got a greenish powdery mildew or mold on every surface after the house became humid one summer. (we forgot to switch from heat to AC with the basement door open) The carpet was at least 30 years old and there were pet accidents so my aunt occasionally used a carpet shampooer.
We intend to wipe down every surface, after the house is completely empty. Right now we’re painting every wall and ceiling. The wall to wall padding and carpet is being removed in a week. We’re investing in a moisture barrier padI ding and a simple carpet.
The concern is the possible remaining mold. The realtor says painting and replacing the carpet should be enough. The carpet guy and painters agree.
However, my brother, who’s son works for a mold and lead testing company, says pulling out the old carpet, vacuuming, and replacing it with moisture barrier padding is not enough. My concern is that his opinion is swayed by his sons occupation and the desire to offer him some work and commission.
Can I have your unrelated advice?

Your brother is correct. You are not even close to proper mold removal. There is a mold removal standard such as the ANSI/ICRC S520 that should be followed. Please feel free to email me for questions at or call 573-761-3581.

Good info. James knows his stuff and you should email him pronto!

Fyi… ask the Realtor where they got their Mold training from and to see their License. The carpet guys only want to sell you their fancy, high dollar carpet that may actually make your problem worse.
Good luck.

When you start “rubbing” the walls & pulling carpet, etc. some of the settled spores will most likely be liberated into the air, aka spore dispersal.
The air quality may be extremely elevated… so you’ve “cosmetically” removed it but now the air & HVAC system will become contaminated.

After you speak with James get an assessment performed before you make it worse.

<<MG>> State Lic Mold Assessor #MRSA1573

Quit the talky, talky BS. Test for mold and be done with the …

“She loves me, she loves me not”

This right here lies the problem with all this mold BS! Everyone has a “Opinion” and a “Motive”.

Control the moisture problems!
No one mentioned that.

#1 Removal of the infected materials gets rid of actual mold.
#2 Mold requires 3 things to live: there is mold in the house no matter what you do. What matters is if conditions are present for growth. You have control over one thing, moisture.

These things caused your problem. Fix or control them.

You may need to treat the house further, but you need to test for that to know.
If you don’t stop the cause that started the problem, it will just happen again.