Invitation to all via Cahill

TITACouncil Association Representatives, Association Leadership, and all;

At 9 AM, one hour before the next scheduled Inspector Committee meeting (April 1 at 10AM), I will be hosting an Open Forum for Inspectors in the Commission Room at our building. During this time I will try to answer any questions from the assembled inspectors regarding any topic of interest to members of the industry. I hope you all can attend. Please spread the word to any who might have interest, especially association leaders and others in positions of responsible representation of industry members. Thank you.

Committee Members, a reminder that there will be an Education Subcommittee meeting going on at the same time. Only up to four Committee members may attend the Open Forum - so we do not have any Open Meetings issues. This is an information opportunity for the industry members; and not a meeting for deliberation of Committee issues. That regularly scheduled meeting will begin at 10 AM.

Douglas E. Oldmixon

John, are you attending?

If I have work I’ll stay home; if not I may attend.