Iowa Foundation Repair?!@#@!??

How screwed up is this guy!!! ](,)](,)#-o#-o

YOUR outta your cotton-pickin’ melon bro!!!

Bowed wall…EXTERIOR FRIGGIN cracks, water entering through those g damn cracks YET, ole Justin here doesn’t get it either, what a FK!

Efflorescence you say is caused by what??? lolOLOLolol

And the dumb shtt says/recommends for this/any like this to drill holes in bottom blocks, let DUHHH water out and put a vapor barrier, a pretty bright white barrier…what a BUNCH of BULLLSHTTT.

Azz wipe, the water is getting IN those blocks THROUGH exterior cracks, cracked parging etc!!! All YOUR fruity azz wants to do to homeowners is fart around and drill some holes, pftttt and then HIDE the wall with a stooooooooooopid,incompetent CHEAP piece of shtttt vapor barrier. ](,)](,)](,)](,)](*,)

WHO the fk recommends, hires these kinds of pumpkin-heads!

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I couldn’t help myself! :wink:

John, maybe if you helped an inspector though their posting a question.
Just an idea.
All the best. Be your best.


lolololOLOLOL… Dale.

Mr Robert, here’s an HI your way in WINNIPEG-ster, want to read what he said, recommends versus other home inspectors?

Leaky foundations best fixed from the outside

In part, near end…‘Internal weeping tile installation is NOT a good solution, in my opinion, as the messy and COSTLY installation may affect the structural intergrity of the basement floor slab and does NOTHING to stop FURTHER deterioration of the outside of the foundation walls’