iPad Air or iPad mini for Spectora?

I’m an aging contractor staring to do home inspections…From the day I first laid eyes on Spectora, I’ve been in love. I’m almost certain I’ll pick up an iPad mini to do my inspections from here on out, but iPad Air isn’t too much larger… especially when you add the ol clipboard and camera to the equation.

I’ll be using flashlight for flash and either way, I’ll get a case with a sleeve for the hand.
Any thoughts on which direction? iPadair or iPad mini?


Use a phone. Tablets are awful for inspections.

I’m using Tap Inspect but my comments as to devices would apply to other programs.

I use Iphone XR and have a basic 32gb Ipad 9.7. Turn on your Iphone hotspot, run the software on both
devices, and it syncs data and picture between both devices. Do inspection with the Iphone, I tried using the Ipad, was just too bulky. I even tried using a separate camera, far too convenient to just use the Iphone XR. Easier to set up and enter the client data and edit comments on the Ipad so that’s how I start and finish.