iPad vs mini

Any problem with the mini being too small?

Nope. It’s good for one handed operation if needed and I don’t even notice the screen size difference

Better size wise than full version I think… I am scaling down even further to a Samsung phone this year.

Bought one for my wife last year and she hasn’t set it down yet. :mrgreen:

I inspect with the Mini and love it. Only downside is not having a flash.

I also use the Lifeproof case with neck strap. The neck strap helps a lot for climbing ladders and crawling through crawls and attics.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder on this one.

So what do you do in shade or dark areas? I know my wife takes excellent photos with it, but I wouldn’t know how to download to my computer to do the reports.

How do you use it yourself based on what I said.?

I actually use the iPod touch to inspect with because it has a flash and then do everything else on the mini. It gets annoying without the flash and they don’t have an app or an add on for it yet.

Word on the street is that the next generation will have a flash on the mini

I use a flashlight. At first it was a pain but I’ve gotten use to it. I also use TapInspect software though, which helps bc it’s compatible with the iPad mini.

I’ve seen the neck strap and the hand strap on back. Nice accessories.

I’ve heard good things about tapinspect. Do you like it Mike?

Thanks, all this software is beyond my capacities.

CaveMan here; caveman_computer.jpg


What do you use to report with?

Yes, I like it a lot. The main reason I went with them is being able to do the report onsite. Once I’m done inspecting for the day I go back to my office and look them over real quick and send the reports off within 10-20 minutes.

Anyone have opinion of InspectIT software?

iPhone 6 plus. Used the iPad then went the mini( no flash issue) but the phone has been great, other than file photos I take with my camera I’m 99% done when I leave a site.