IPoD - Interesting Picture of the Day

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Ok I give, what is it

A structural fuse. First one I’ve ever seen in person in a residential building.

(side defect: garage door can’t open once this thing was installed, a technical fail on code compliance).

Interesting since I have never seen one never. So which part of that component is sacrificial?

Looks to me like the center of the three bolts will shear off, then be retained by the other two bolts. Watch your fingers, kiddies! That’s based on observation, without yet looking up the specifications. The client is supposed to send me a copy of the bid/construction documents and I’ll verify that.

Also presumably, this is matched to shear in the opposite (90 degree) direction, as the tang clearly only works one way.

Edit: on second thought the first bolt shears, the second two shear, and the intersection of the I-Beam limits overall deflection. That must be how it works: progressive soft failure. The bending of the I-beam is the last ditch soft deflection for a MCE.

It was done without permits by the way…
… I’ll reply to this thread when I get the name of the device.

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Skinny brace… Awesome

The big company has a version that never made sense to me, as the brace is destroyed by the quake. This is much more rational…