IR Business

Was considering setting up the ir business in a seperate name with seperate cards and advertising. Has anyone else done this to aim more for commercial and energy audit, etc? Pros and cons?

Good starting ground…

Define “Energy Audit” and then List the included services.



It has been my experience that a separate company may not be necessary for residential infrared applications. However, if you plan on getting into commercial infrared applications, then a separate company maybe a better alternative.

I created a dedicated website for my ITI surveys and formed a completely separate LLC for my commercial Infrared services. So far, it has worked out very well.


I advertise my HI business and IR business under the same company name, but I separate the both of them when link exchanging with others. I have a separate web site for both inspection types, because I want to be found according to the search.

My clients have found me very easily on search engines.

Example…Go to Google and type in “Massachusetts infrared” or “Massachusetts thermal imaging” and see how I always come up on the front page.

The same works for “Massachusetts home inspector” or Massachusetts home inspection"