IR Cam selection; This is hideous!

If you are considering using one of these in building inspection…

Think again!

Unfortunately… with the low cost Thermal Imagers on the market, many will purchase… and offer as a free service. Most consumers will not know the difference, and especially will not know when they place the order.

I know a guy who bought that, he was pretty impressed with it.

Must be good for something?

Was that Ben?

Nope, it was Jim, an ASHI guy who I have coffee with occasionally.

Take away that MSX and perceive what you have to work with? Despite the fact that you cannot make any adjustments…

Look at the MSX look at the top right corner of the second scan. It doesn’t even line up with the anomaly.

Move in closer (such as an electrical panel) and you won’t even be on the same circuit breaker!

That’s ridiculous. Dennis what camera are you working with now?

Oh come on Dave!!! Any ole camera oughta do… Just like any ole training is good enough! It’s not rocket science now is it? :wink:

Ditto! hideous is a complement.