Ir camera for sale?

Back in the day, The camera range span was closer in the BX which gave you greater sensitivity within that temperature range. Building Inspection uses mostly indirect measurements and require more sensitivity than say an electrical application.

The sensitivity of older BX cameras were generally better also.

Today, cameras have more than one range or have abandoned the BX (building type camera).

My T640 has three. My T400 came with one but I added Hi Temp when it was in for calibration of another lens. These are Flir cameras that can be reprogrammed for your use.

The camera lens is the greatest Achilles Heal between camera choices. You may have high resolution pixel counts, but it does you no good if what comes through the lens is distorted.

You won’t notice much practical difference between them. The biggest “drawbacks” of these older imagers are lack of connectivity options and no removable media, sourcing batteries as the old ones begin to lose the ability to hold a charge, the onboard displays aren’t up to current quality, they lack bells and whistles, including no built-in visible light camera. They’re absolute workhorses.

Yeah, after researching a bit I have to agree. Also, right now I have bigger issues to take care of.

Thanks for the information on BX IR camera’s. Good tip if someone is thinking about purchasing their first IR camera and has limited funds. Good way to enter the thermography field, get good thermal images and learn at a lower cost.
How many inspectors have you seen selling expensive equipment because they can not market their business over the years?
I feel sorry for them. Truly.
After all that time and effort, losing up to 50% on your equipment is not easy to swallow if and when you sell your equipment.

I concur. Lens quality is most import to capture light/energy.

My Fluke Ti100 has a small germanium lens. I am surprised at the images I can extract from objects when I take my time, angle right, and adjusting temp, level and span.
My Ti300 lens is silicon. Although almost twice the spectral resolution 240 X 180, I swear my Ti100, 120 X 160, can match or better images ‘under certain conditions.’
I really have to achieve my Level (1) and get together with other thermographers.

Thanks for your thoughts, David.
Robert Young