IR Camera hookup

Hey guys. I want to hook up my EX320 to my laptop for an upcoming conference tomorrow. I want the camera to display on my laptop screen as people walk by so they can see themselves in IR. Anyone know how to do this? Do I need a special program? Thanks.


Go here and download the drivers. FLIR

I have Reporter 8 and Quickview. Will those allow me to use my cam as a real-time video on the screen?


I don’t know about reporter 8 or quick view but this will.

**Thermovision A-series Utility CD
The CD-rom includes drivers for the FLIR Systems firewire interface. It also contains utility software for displaying a live IR image in a web browser. Please also download the latest Firewire driver if you have updated XP-SP2!

Thermovision A-series Utility CD (60Mb)
Last Updated: December 11, 2006

Rodney, you can do it. You have to go in and change a setting. When I was in my level 1 I had one of the guys do it with my Bcam. Larry Kage might be able to help you. He was in my class. If not log onto the message board on the flir ITC site and ask the same question.

Do you have a TV you can use? I couldn’t get the download to work for my B2 to my laptop(I’m computer illiterate) so was abl to run a video cable from the camera to the video on a TV for my booth. Worked great. I used a 19" but a 13" will work jut as well. Give it a try if all else fails and time doesn’t permit.

Rodney, try this it works.
You must have ThermaCAM QuickView 2 or ThermaCAM QuickReport installed.
2. The camera’s USB mode must be set to Network Disk. To set this go into the Settings menu, choose USB Cable, and select Network Disk. When you connect the camera in this mode Windows will load a special FLIR network driver. This is included with QuickView and QuickReport.
3. You need a program to display the video. Page 56 of the BCAM manual suggests using Apple QuickTime, which can be downloaded from Apple’s website: