IR Camera Question

I am comparing FLIR E8 and the FLIR EB40X and trying to decide which one to buy. I like the 320x240 resolution on the E8 but I like the extra features and the focus capability of the E40BX, although it is 160x120 resolution. What do you all suggest?

I’d go for the T640

Maybe Jason has a budget. The E40bx , I think, has the MSX technology. Even though the image quality is less, it’s supposed to be a better camera.I just bought the E60bx and love it. I had a budget too.:slight_smile:

I’ve played with one before. They are very nice.

Frank you are correct I have a budget! I really like the E60BX but I just don’t have the money for that, I think I will go with the E40BX. Linas if I had 26,000 dollars I would be all for it!

I picked up the 60 for about $6600. List is $8k. Plus I got a $350 “gift”.

I just bought the e60bx for 4200 on ebay

Really! Wow good price, how did you swing that?

New, with warranty and certification? I don’t think so.

Yeah Frank I don’t either.

I saw “gently used” on E-Bay for much less.

No it wasn’t new. Looks like its never been used and works fantastic.

I have the T640 and found a $3,200 drop of water.

hospital roof leak.jpg

Hi Peter, what do you mean by $3200 drop of water?



The E8 also use the MSX technology:

E8: $3995 MSX 320 x 240
E40bx: $3995 160 x 120
E60bx $7995 320 x 240

Of all the research I’ve done so far, the E8 seems like a very good product for the price. If I had money I would go for the E60bx but I’m starting this year and I’ll need to invest a good chunk of money. The E8 seems like the right choice to get started.

Would you say that most home inspectors that offers Infrared Thermal Imaging use cameras of this caliber or more like cheaper models like E4 and E5?

How often does this technology changes? Should I expect to have to buy a better one in the next few years or it should last me 5+ years assuming it doesn’t brake?

Any recommendations are highly appreciated.


David Asselin

nope, it was $3,200 after I charge my fee. I purposely said $3,200 to see if any one caught this, and you did.

Hi Peter, I see on your picture that it was from a hospital inspection. It must have taken you 3-4 days to get this done? Was the $3200 agreed upon before you started the inspection? How do you price jobs of this size? Like $800 a day time how many days or something like that?



What you have to understand is, This is the worst thread in the history of INACHI. The people are the most arrogant who post in this thread. However Linas is the best of all of them.:slight_smile:

Explanation of why???

Mr. Haggard, along with yourself, have been quite helpful in previous posts.

Hey Frank if you dont mind could I ask where you bought the e60 from?