IR Camera Specs

After much research concerning different IR camera specs, I have these questions for any out there with hands-on knowledge:

auto focus vs. manual focus
-The point here is a few reviews have noted that auto focus can cause resolution issues like blurring if too far away. Conversely, auto focus allows for easy one hand use vs manual requiring 2 hand use.

Flir E series cameras
-This series has MSX, the overlay technology for making IR pics clear to the viewer. Not sure how truly useful this feature will be for home inspections, etc.

Bottom line
If the auto focus issue above is true, sounds like better to deal with the 2 handed inconvenience.
Again, I can’t find a need for the MSX feature on the new Flir line (not knocking it, it is a cool feature), thoughts?

Somewhere on here Charlie Bottger posted on this topic. Manual is the way to go was his advice I believe. He’s been around since before infrared light existed so he knows his stuff.:slight_smile: You might also ask David Andersen or Linus Dapkus directly.

Thanks much for the advice.
Will do.

I gripe about auto focus on the T series once in awhile, at same time it’s pretty slick.

Any chance some local IR folks or companies can demo/hands on etc on a few models? I’d say that’d be ideal. Everyone is different, I had a chance to use a number of different cameras, they all have pluses etc.

BTW, MSX is very cool and auto focus works really well when you have an edge or contrasting surface to focus to, of which is likely true for manual as well.

AND there are varying degrees of auto focus. I think the lower end cameras are focus free, which is different than motorized auto focus.

Good luck!

hmmm, focus free sounds a bit like no focus as in the user could be limited on distance to the subject matter for a good clear pic like a 20 ft ceiling vs 18 inches to a elec. panel.
Thanks for the clarity on not auto focus.

Randall, the different types of focus are different means to an end, but I’m not aware of a significant limitation on their performance. I suppose a comparison would be your cell phone camera vs a camera that has a focus ring (and a motorized one for the type on the T series)

I sure hope that was not my advice to anyone because my personal preference would be to never own a camera that did not have manual and auto focus they both have their place

Ahhh. Thank you for the clarification. :slight_smile:

Autofocus works just fine, you just have to use it on something the camera can say or won’t focus.

Thanks everyone for the advice and clarity.

So Charley,
Are there any cams with this split personality you would recommend.
Thanks much.

It isn’t just the fixed focus that needs to be addressed with some of the systems now a days.

Auto vs manual span/range is a big concern also:

Jason Kaylor
AC Tool Supply
Net Zero Tools
Arizona Infrared Inspection Services

Nice article. Since the highs and the lows like in your examples tend to be the focus of thermography, would a camera with multiple ranges/spans which could draw out those details at both ends of the temps be possible? Or perhaps software which could do that, almost like a graphic equalizer for the photo.