IR cameras

I am just about ready to start looking for an IR camera and would like some insight about them. I’m not able to start with $1000 plus ones so am looking at less expensive. Inspector outlet has a Flir TG 165 IR for $360. Does anyone use or have knowledge of this camera??? Also-----any thoughts on IR camera phone apps and brands that that work well and are dependable.
Thanks for your help and advice

larry Reeves
Pure Home Inspections
Jacksonville, FL

The FLIR One is even cheaper.
Why spend $360 on an IR camera when you can get this one for half the price?

With 80 x 60 res, you know these would be better, Linas.


Seriously, take some good classes first. It will educate you in many ways. For one, on what you want to do with the imager and what to buy.

It’s even cheaper to build your own. I built mine in a few minutes and you can too

Why spend hunerds of dollars on a camra when you can take pichers like this fer jest pennies?

Simulated picture

I wish I had seen this before spending thou$and$ of dollars.

I took this one by mistake the other day (during the day).

Circle- Apache Longbow Helicopter 3 miles out.

Lower Left- The planet Venus.

Lower Right- A Ladybug flying by at 50 ft.

Save money and go with the cheap one…