IR Class Proposed For Denver

Infrared Training Class – Denver

We’re looking for Inspectors to fill up a class for Infrared Training by John McKenna. Generally, John does these on Saturday and Sunday but days of the week could change if the feedback from interested parties dictates.

We have a few already, but would like to see if more would be interested. Let’s take advantage of this slower time of year and get ready for busier times! :smiley:

No date is targeted yet, (just looking at the not too distant future); we will fine tune a date as we get more interested parties

(2) Day class to be held at the NACHI TV Studios (thanks Nick Gromicko!). In Boulder CO, (northwest Denver). We will help line up room accommodations.

Please forward your email to David Keating, (email address below) and list a couple of possible weekend dates, (only approximate for now as we’ll have to fine tune the date as we get feed back from others) that might work for you.

David Keating Email Address:
Denver’s Best Home Inspection

Plus FREE InterNACHI membership - $289 value - new members only.

**Plus $100 discount on next years InterNACHI dues for members. **

Go here for IR Class Information;

There will be a neat door prize at the Denver IR class that is forming.

The winner will receive a FREE dinner date with Paige Peters.
See Paige Peters in action…

All students at the IR class will have a chance to win.

How about Lisa instead.

Now I might have to go to Denver if you make it Lisa. What a Hottie!!!

I would be interested in the class. The sooner the better.

As of now it looks like I would go to one of Johns seminars in Texas.