IR Classes Coming To Canada

To Canadians… We are going to start having IR
classes in Toronto every 2 months. More info
will be announced shortly. The first class will be
on January 10-11, 2009. We have set this up with
an Inspector School in the area that wants us to
teach our IR classes. More info to follow.

IR Class details…
in conjunction with…

Will be there.

Sounds good Gerry. I look forward to meeting everyone.
I really enjoyed myself the last time I came to Toronto.

As the founder of Inspect4u Inc.Canada"s Largest HI Training School we feel it is very important to attend this course, as the economy and RE sales are down, we as HI"s must offer more to our clients. If your not doing Infrared as a HI then your competitor is.
We will also be looking into purchasing the Cameras through our school and renting them out to help new IR students who maybe not able to afford the cameras from the start.
Seating shall be limited and will be forwarding emails to those who are interested with an attached registration form
See you at the course!!!

I look forward to meeting you Allen and all the rest.

Way to go, Allen! You’ll be thrilled to know that I will be there, as well. My thanks to Inspect4u Inc. for bringing John to Ontario. There is much to be gained from this training, especially in a down market.

You should make some of those Canachi shirts I saw on another thread and bring to the course. I’d buy one or two.

Hey John and Allen,

Have any plans in the future for a class to be held in Western Canada? Its great that you are doing classes in T.O. but the cost to get there and accomodations make it an expensive venture for many out west. Even if you could present a course once a year would help many out here. I’ll definetly assist and do leg work to get it presented out here.
I’m sure I’m not just speaking for myself.
Anyway just an idea and glad to see you coming to Canada.


We shall be in talks in the new year about bringing the IR training out west,and if i have someting to do about it…it shall happen
Gerry,will have the shirts or sweaters available no problem at class,they look awsome

Anyone taking this course can email inspect4u @ and we shall send you the registration form,mind you seating is limited and already filling
thank you


Put me on the mailing list.

Here is a map and contact information for the location where we will be holding the IR class on Jan 10-11, 2009.

See you in class!

Take it if you can, I took John’s class and learned alot.

Go Canada!

Your link takes us to timelife site???

excellent work allan,very excited to take this one, see you guys there.

Correction made. Whoops.

Here is the correct link… to sign up for the IR class