IR conference New Orleans

I’m all signed up for that event. 3 days away from Minnesota during January is sweet.

I will be taking the Level 1 exam and then its off to the tables.

Anyone else going?

Jim Seffrin and his conference is a class act.
I’ve never been to the conference but made it to N.J. to do my Level 3.
Level 1 is the first step towards a rewarding career in thermography.
Good luck Paul.

Thanks Linas, Level 3 seems far away right now.

“The first step binds one to the second. ”

French proverb

I have attended Jim’s conferences in New Orleans and in Orlando both were top shelf

Ditto…Infraspection puts on a great conference…regardless of the location. Although New Orleans was my favorite—:smiley:

I went last year, had a good time and met some interesting people. Jim is one of the good guys and cares about those in the industry. Have a beignet or 2 for me:D