IR Course Building Investigations

For anyone interested here is the Canadian course schedule for ITC. I have registered for both courses in April, Building Investigations and the Roofing Applications course. See you there!

Here is the link


Good luck.

I’ll be taking the U.S. IR Roofing Inspection course next month.

I’m looking forward to it.

Thanks David! Good luck to you as well!

We don’t have the Building Science course scheduled here in Canada this year, and I was thinking of taking this course in the US.

To be honest with you, I really don’t think you’ll get much out of the BS course. If you’ve been performing home inspections for the past few years and you know a lot about homes, this course will be very tedious for you. I almost fell asleep through half of this course as I know pretty much everything about building science.

Half of the BS course teaches about building science and a third of the course teaches students about the use of IR cameras and then there’s a little hands-on workshop for using the IR cameras on different materials. That’s basically it.


I will be taking it anyway!

Great. I simply wanted to give you a heads up, that’s all.

I’m sure you’ll get something out of the BS course, it’s just going to contain a lot of information you are already aware of.

Congrats and Good Luck.

They do serve great lunches and fattening snacks.

I got a lot out of it, I don’t think if fell asleep in any course. There is always something to get involved with.

Thanks David I appreciate the heads up!

Agreed David!