IR for Insects!

I had a strange call this morning. Fellow thought that since I’m an HI, I may do IR as well. I explained to him I will in the very near future, but not presently.

He says his log home is being infiltrated by bugs, mostly those lady bug looking chinese beetles. He told me heard that “out West”, they use IR to discover where the cracks, or air leakage was in the log homes, and used it to know where to seal out bugs. I explained that yes, sealing your home from air infiltration would also seal out bugs, but I doubt you would need an IR scan for that.

I would think the IR scan would detect heat loss, which is may or may not be air infiltration at all. It could be poor insulation, moisture, etc.

Has anyone ever used, or heard of using, an IR camera for air infiltration?

I would imagine a blower door test would be better at that than an IR scan.

One of our MANY fine CMI’s should be along shortly to assist you.

Yes, IR is excellent at finding and documenting air infiltration. Depressurize the house with a whole house fan, range hood or blower door when there is a good Delta T and the wisps of air start showing up everywhere in the scan.

I’m not at my computer to post some examples but look here:

Absolutely all the time here is from just this last Friday front door on a 450 K home

BTW I am not a CMI but I can answer your question

Thanks guys!

The idea of using an IR camera to detect WDOs was awarded a U.S. patent. :smiley:

Years after it was already being performed in Louisiana from what I read somewhere.

Blower doors measure air leakage, they don’t identify its location. You need something else to do that.

I think we have talked about this many, many times in the IR section. Check it out.

Good point, David. The blower door will only show the leakage when being used in conjunction with the IR camera…:slight_smile:

You might find a leak or two in a log home using infrared, if you know how to look.

Great images Chuck!

I find it a very useful tool.
Although my resolution is 160 X 120 with the software and adjusting level and span you can yield some very good images.
Here is a doorway from my last job.

That an attic hatch ?

Here is an attic hatch :smiley:

Attic hatch down here


Wasn’t there an home inspection franchise trying to patent insect detection through the use of thermography as their specific inspection patent or am I mistaken?
Was it not Pillar to Post in a suite ongoing sense the early 2000’s?
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Wasn’t there an home inspection franchise trying to patent insect detection through the use of thermography

It was one of the U.S. patents they were awarded: []

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Great work. It had being on going for some time.
Losing all my data really left me reeling and looking narratives, data and allmy bloody 2013 reports.
I am still looking though older SSd’s & HDD’s.
I am so dam upset.

Thanks as always.
Happy for you Nick.