IR Imager Standard

Hi, my name is Kenneth Leung and I live in Hong Kong, I am happy to join this forum.I have taken John wonderful IR class recently.

Although I am not a home inspector, I am a Pest management professional. In order to find a good IR camera, Recently, I have read “Standard for Infrared Inspectionsto Detect Pests and Pest Related Damage” publisded by Infraspection instiution.

The standard states

1.0 Scope
This standard addresses criteria for infrared imaging equipment, such as spatial resolution and thermal

7.0 Instrument Requirements

7.1.2 Spectral Range: the infrared imaging system shall operate within a spectral range from 2 to
14 μm. A spot radiometer or nonimaging line scanner is not sufficient.
7.1.3 The infrared thermal imaging system shall have a Minimum Resolvable Temperature
Difference (MRTD) of 0.1°C or less at 20°C.

But I found most product spec do not states MRTD, just something like NETD,i.e <= 150mk,<=100mk. Is there some ways to convert this two standards? How can I tell from the spec that the camera meets this standard?

Thank you for your sharing!

Dear Kenneth:

Welcome to the world of infrared thermography!

As to your questions regarding the Infraspection Standard, a spectral range from 2 to 14 μm means that you may use either a short wave (2 - 5.6 microns) or long wave (8 - 14 microns) imager for your inspections.

An MRTD of 0.1 C translates to 100 millikelvins. For qualifying equipment, you may use MRTD and NETD values interchangeably.

Should you have further questions you are welcome to contact me directly.

Great thanks! It is such a wonderful reply from you! I did hear from experienced home inspector that Infraspection is a good IR school, which is very true!

I shall have some follow up questions to PM you, thanks!


Jim and Infraspection are very well respected within the thermography industry.