IR in St. Louis

Who in the St.Louis does IR

No one. I had a huge job lined up and no one took the bait. Once I get my camera I do believe I’ll be the first to offer in St. Louis! If any body knows anyone else please let me know.

I have a guy that needs on bad in St. Louis

Maybe I should have said close to St. Louis.

Tell him if he buys me the cam I’ll do the inspection for free. lol :slight_smile: You might try active rain over on the ASHI board.

Most of the folks in St. Louis who had IR technology sold it off at a loss. It did nothing to increase business or fees.

Jim to date I have initially lost jobs from clients demanding IR. Once they realize no one offers it 6 out of the 7 called me back. Your right however not a huge demand yet. On a different note… I’m a firm believer in order to do energy efficiency inspections one should use a IR cam. According to your website you offer this type of inspection. Do you feel your giving a complete accurate report to your clients without the use of a IR cam?


Just out of curiosity, Billy, which do you think came first: energy efficiency inspections or IR cameras?

lol Jim that’s why I like you smart ??? :wink: I agree 100%. However I have a hard time grasping how one can do a energy efficiency inspection effectively without the IR cam.

This poor guy has a leak.


I’ll go up there.

Having worked in the energy retrofit and related energy field somewhere since 1977, I feel that IR is a small part of an energy audit unless there is no access to wall / attic cavities. To be a good auditor, IMHO, having worked in the energy retrofit field is a necessity as well as:

  • recognized auditor training
  • use of a blower door plus training
  • a good audit program
  • a full knowledge of heating/cooling systems and fuel prices
  • Good knowledge of building science

Contact Mike yet David?

I will do it Carl!:shock:

BTW Keep sending those pics bro! The latest ones are a blast…or should I say PRICELESS!! lol:D


Do you like clams?

I just received it bro! My wife was right next to me when I opened the file, you just got me in $hit bro!:shock:

BTW In answer to your question, I love clams!! Thanks for the e-mail.

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