IR Inspector needed...

north of Leesburg, VA
inspector must also be very familiar with log homes and preferably Log Home Certified
contact me for client’s e-mail

I’ll go if they are paying for the air bus! ($160)


i’ll pass on your info


If no one else up there bites, I’ll take the trip!
I can be up and back for Dinner!

I will talk to them, but I am not Log Home Certified. Is this for Infrared work only?



all i have is an email asking for IR of a 1yr log home for unidentified draft locations
my thinking is log home knowledge would best benefit these folks
i’ll also pass on your info and may the best salesman win

i’m waiting 'til morning to try and give them at least 3-referral choices


This is within my service area. Piece of cake :slight_smile:



I conducted this survey this evening. Thanks for the referral…it turned out to be a great inspection, and the owner was a really nice guy.

Thanks again…


Barry -

I got drunk and spent the nite in a pole barn once. Would that help.