IR Makes Hot Pipe In Slab Visible

Oh man, I can’t wait for my class !!!


When are you going for training Mickey?

John, is this new construction? I can’t tell from the photo, is this the garage floor? Looks like somebody made a big boo-boo, didn’t they.

I’ve got an a contractor that is building a home with radiant heat under his hardwood floors. I demonstrated how my BCam works when I was doing a draw inspection not long ago. He is no longer wondering how he is going to install floor outlets without cutting into the water lines. He’s got my card and will be calling shortly.

Way to go Linas If I find some one standing still and are still breathing I demo the camera Folks that have not seen one are just absolutely facinated with what it can do. I even took mine to my barber shop while getting a haircut.

Bldg Sci.,November in Boston


It’s a great course. Pay attention Mic!!

Thanks, I got my camera sometime in bet. you and John, but this was the best time for me to take the class.

I’m putzing around with it, but it gets frustrating knowing that I’m just putzin’.

I’ve got Wills’ CD and I took that on-line course that Flir had, but I can’t wait to get the real thing under my belt.


Here’s one I did of a new 3800 square foot home, no access to the attic and when I scanned the walls and ceiling I found an entire bay missing insulation.

Here’s a shot of an insulation gap in a cathedral ceiling during today’s inspection:

IR_0028 (Small).jpg

P9170042 (Small).JPG

And here is one of mine which is bigger all along a north wall after I had a look in the attic it appear that some one had raked the insulation back from the soffit vents in this area.

The second pic is a take off from the plenum large air leak where the duct connected.

The third was a breaker in the garage panel registered 126 ddegrees

Linus I notice your Emmisivity set on 85 on sheetrock any reason for that.

Be very careful in calling out exact temps unless you specifically adjust the camera to the emisivity of the material. Bakalite has a very high emisivity.

Remember, Delta T is more important than an actual measurement. Use a contact thermo or IR thermometer. Much quicker.

I did Will also checked with the IT Thermo both very close in temp. At this stage of my learning I don’t call out any thing with the Cam unless I have backed it up visually or with another test device.

I like to change the emisivity on different types of material just to see what the difference in range actually is. I am still at the play stage with the cam.