IR Night School Webinar

IR Night School Webinar Starts on June 9th.
2 hrs/night for 8 sessions (16 hrs total)

Looking forward to it!

See you in class Mike.


Do you have a schedule for future night classes? I would have a hard time making this one (June)

David are you still at this level of incompetency?

Do you know Dayton Thermal Imaging, or is that too far for you?

All dates and times are on our website. Please email me so I can have a record of when you want to attend class. Thanks.

Our class was approved with a glowing report from a Level III trainer who has trained themographers for the military, government, and the corporate world.

Hundreds of InterNACHI members who have taken our class for over the past 6 years are not all incompetent.

Back when you were a Level I thermographer, you ask me if you could teach my class and I said no. Ever since then you have attacked our students and myself at every turn. Nick Gromicko set up the Infrared Certified process and it rubs you raw that you were not ask to be a teacher.

Please let go of your hatred and let people live their lives without attacking them because they don’t take the same classes as you did. Live and let live.

I know you are the master of key board insults and witty comments, but if you think about it, you never see professionals like Mr Snell conduct themselves in petty forum bashing like you do. A man of your education should try to bring honor to your profession and rise above this kind of immature behavior.

No, he’s not!

Back on Ignore you go. No need to reply.

Have a nice day.

Mr. Snell is “Retired” if you didn’t keep up with that…

I call it as I see it, and the only reason is hopefully some of the sheep in your flock will experience reality!

I do not teach John!
Only thoes that call me for help…

And I don’t charge or expect a thing in return. So go get bent!

Have a nice day. :wink: