IR on a wharehouse

I got a call today to do a IR scan on a warehouse.

I have yet to make contact with the owner but think they are looking for a heat lost survey in the offices. I’m not sure on the size or how many offices.

I guess I need some help pricing this out, should I do it by my time or the square foot? The message also said they have a four unit apartment building which they pay for the heat and need a scan for that as well. It’s a three story building, the first floor is commercial space, the second floor has 2 two bedroom apartments and the same for the third floor.

No blower doors, just heat loss, by the way the apartment building was built in the late 1800s or so.

A thought I have that should help is to turn on Bath and Kitchen fans and dryer too if possible .
This could help to pull out side air in.
I have one to do Wednesday and I am going to try it both ways will post what I discover.

Thanks Cookie, let me know.

What do you think is a fair rate to charge?

New to me too do not want to lead you wrong sorry.

Peter, I am not in to this thing, but thinking along the line of charging based on the cost of the camera, estimated pay back in years anticipated, amount of use per inspection and how many inspections will the camera be used.

Compile this all together and do the Math. Add your labor and time taken addittional to Inspection and Voila’

Just a thought.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Did anyone else think this post’s title was a typo, and rush in?


You are a dirty man!:smiley:

I think $150.00 per hour including your reporting time is fair

Pete as I don’t consider myself as an expert yet just don’t tell my clients that I am charging $100.00 per hour including report time. Different area than you yours could be much higher what ever the market will bear

Hi Charley, I met with them today and that is exactly the # I gave them and they said that’s what they expected.

So, one building is 3 story, a cafe on the bottom floor, second and third floors are two 2 bedroom apartments. This building is burning $1000.00- $1200.00 per month in oil.

The warehouse will be by the hour as well, mostly open space with 4 offices.

I’m going to wait till next week when the temperature will drop a bit, almost 55 today. I’m excited about this because it will be my first heat loss/ thermal scan of a commercial building. I’ll post picture when I’m done.