IR pics of my infection

My left hand has been in terrible pain for the past few days due to an infection at the tip of my finger from a wood splinter.

I know doctors use infrared for medical findings, so while I was resting from excruciating pain, I just wanted to see if I could clearly see the infected area with my infrared camera.

I sure did. I’m simply posting the pics so you can see how pain clearly shows up on an IR camera.

“Click to Enlarge”

I am a fair to middle vet I can get rid of that infection.

Here is how; lay your finger on an anvil sharp knife and a good whap with a hammer whala infection gone.:wink: Good Pic though

Thats cool. I might have to try that on my daughters strep throat.:slight_smile:


You will definitely detect anomalies with her step throat. Post the pictures here for all to observe.

I’ll try when she gets home from work-but she’ s been on meds over 24 hours now-so have to see-would have been better pics yesterday.:slight_smile:

Here’s my contribution. Jambed toe. (Size 14 1/2, and you know what they say about big feet :mrgreen: )

BTW: Permission to swipe the photo, Dave?


Please no VD photos.


Absolutely, Dr. Decker.

Don’t know if you saw these, but this was a one week progression after drugs.

The doctor found nothing wrong.

While we are on the foot pictures, can you tell me if you see a problem with my feet?


The problem is pretty obvious to me !!!

Has anyone taken an IR camera to the local watering hole to perhaps weed out cold people??


Dave. did you remove the wood splinter?
that would probably fix the underlying issue the body uses,
which is heat, and attacking the area of intrusion.

Your peripheral circulation (toes and proximal) is low. Coud be:

  1. Diabetes.
  2. Gout.
  3. You are on perscription vasoconstrictors.
  4. You smoke way too much.

There are the four most common indications (at least it was when I was doing medical thermography). I am not a physican and you should talk to yours.

Hope this helps;

No, but I do have some nice rated-X pics of my wife. Those pics are buried in my files.


I do not have diabetes
I’ve never had gout
I take thyroid prescriptions, only.
I do not smoke.


Yes, the splinter came out immediately. I don’t know anyone who would leave it in.

This infection started the following day.

For hypo or hyper thyroid?


I’m taking 137mg of Synthroid, daily.

Mr. Decker would that be a fungus toe nail, also would it show that type of an affect on the IR camera… Medical Pallett has a better view then iron

Hope you take care of that infection Dave…

To tell you the truth, without a medical history and a visual picture (besides not having a medical degree and being out of that field for some 40 years :mrgreen: ), all I can say is “It sheets the bit out of me”.

I was looking more at the cold peripheral heat rather than ine the increased hear.