IR Quiz-What is this???

I just came inside after awhile outside in the hot October evening(which is unusual for this time of year). Anyway I had my BCAM with me and shot a couple of pics. Any interpretations from the IR pros???

002 [640x480].jpg

003 [640x480].jpg

You’d better clean that mess up before you murderize the grass !:smiley:


I can actually walk the dog in the dark and not have to worry about soiling my shoes.:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: These things are amazing aren’t they???

Glad to know where my ex lives and where her cookin’s being served.

I can see this thread could go anywhere fast. :slight_smile:

OK OK now we need 1001 uses for your IR camera this is what use 241 of the infamous IR use handbook!

Still laughing…almost makes a annual NACHI membership seem cheap for this type of entertainment!


LOL :smiley: