IR realtor presentation.

Well I have some realtor presentations lined up for the Thermal Camera, I basically left an info package with the local brokers promoting a learning session for their Reps. I would explain how the camera works and explain the misconceptions( SEE THRU WALLS!) to them and help them better understand the tecchnology if they come across it, and of course I will add some shameless self promotion. I have recieved very good feedback and have booked a few presentations, the first coming up on Monday. I was wondering if any of you that have done this before have some tips for me. Thanks.

Hi Jerry I am getting ready to do the same thing IR is the best kept secret in this State Not good for me I am going on the Road with an IR presentation slide show and will be getting in front of every Realtor group and Business association that will allow me through the front door

Believe it or not quite a few realitors know about this technology, you’re right about common misconceptions though.

I have done several demos over the past month for realitors, and most were at least semi familiar with the units before hand.


We have had excellent feed back from realtors and brokers by showing
them the “Consumers Guide To Infrared Thermography”

Free of charge for all InterNACHI members. :wink:

Most office meetings around me are good for 1–15 minutes MAX.

The broker is giving me up to 20 minutes.

Many do their presentation and then give out the link of the video for
realtors to look at later. Some realtors use the video to show clients
that would like to know more info about IR.

Get the IR display onto a large screen so you don’t have 25 people crowding you to look into a 3" camera display.

15 minute presentation, 15 minutes letting them touch and look around with it and ask questions. Average amount of Realtors at meeting is between 4 and 9.

You can use a slide show like this on the big screen as well.

Hey John…enjoyed your course this weekend :cool:

It was a great time with everyone. Thanks.:cool:

John, is this class going to be offered in the state of Indiana as CE soon? I know a few that would like to take it but it needs to be part of their CE requirements.

Hey John I have a question. Is there a wayyou know to plug the camera into the computer and then into a prjector to show it on a projection screen?


Your software disk from FLIR (if you have one) comes with a program to put the live
camera feed on your computer screen.


Our IR course is not approved for Indiana CE at this time. Sorry.