IR recommendations?

I would like to know what others here feel would be the best value for a thermal imaging device at $2000 or less. Pros and cons of the products? Flir seems to be the leader, but I haven’t seen anything by them in that price range. Let the comments begin!

i3 for $900 !? if dealer service, calibrations, and product warranty are important considerations to you.

Wow that is a good deal Nick!

Jason’s opinion through Yuri’s link is in line with your price and he knows imagers.…3/#post1010711

Take a look into the Flir i7 and sometimes you can buy an open box item or closeout and get a good deal from Flir.

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I am upgrading and looking at a FLIR I40 and then I noticed the Z50 with lifetime calibration and the no fault 2 year warranty(it must be durable). I really do not think I would use all the features on the I40 (bluetooth ect.) I think I might miss the camera flash though…
Any input from you IR guys would be appreciated.