IR Template

Hi Guys,

Please review my IR Template and let me know what changes you think I should make.



Should there be text in the middle yet?
None shows.

Don’t forget to change your home page and pump up the thermal imaging service.


Nice header, but the blue spotty background color is integrating right into your text. I like nice crisp clear text.

I made a change to the header on this page.

I like it better

Thanks for the observations.

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fix your link…

Sorry about that.

I like to see the original image (not IR) also, when looking at an IR pic. If you put the “regular pic” in your header, it may give those not familiar with IR a better idea of what they’re looking at.

my .02 (and worth both penny’s :mrgreen:)


The header text is now blurry. It should be clean and crisp to avoid squinting.

Hi Greg,

The basic layout looks good.

I don’t care for the grainy heading background for the same reasons as previous posters. Also, your Infrared Certified logo looks distorted. I think the aspect ratio is off.


Yes I need to work on the header.

Hi Greg,

It could just be me but your picture needs works. To dark. to small. Wear a light shirt (preferably white) and the auto focus will do a better job of capturing a decent likeness. My guess is the light background distracted the cameras auto exposure feature. Wear a white or light blue shirt with a dark background behind. And smile of course.

The red on blue doesn’t come up very clearly in the banner. Remember that combo is tough on old eyes or anyone with a touch of color blindness. The yellow on blue works much better.

Don’t use pure images for buttons. You can use the image of the button background then add text via html or css on top of it. Remember the search engines can’t read images.

Looking good.


Nice site!

I my opinion I think the text needs to be explained in a more basic manner that the consumer will understand better and know what’s in it for them by using the service.

You will see an increase in business for sure with having IR. We have so many customers that have chose us over our competitors, even though we are more expensive because we offfer IR. We also pick up a couple leak detection jobs a week. It has been a well worth while investment.

Best wishes.

Here is a sample IR brochure that I built for InspectorBoost:

It is a WORD doc. It contains some IR consumer talking points.

Dear Greg:

Looks like you’re off to a good start!

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Jim Seffrin

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