IR Top Guns

What a great week visiting with the best of the best in the world of thermal imaging.

Jim Seffrin of Infraspection
Bob Madden started ITC for Flir
Greg Stockton of United Infrared
Scott Woods past instructor at ITC building science

When is the next event Charley?

I believe Jim Seffrin has one in Jan, New Orleans

I see you went by horse and buggy; but he is not wearing a red hat…:wink:

Thank you.

Charley - Do you want to bid a 100 mile transmission line job in Knoxville Th. They want aerial platform, not drone.

I thought that last pick was his selfie, Marcel:mrgreen:

Thanks Dave but I would pass on that one. My camera does not have GPS positioning

Too handsome for Marcel. I knew at once.

Robert’s selfie would be from the other end…:wink:

Why thank you Marcel.
back end.JPG

back end.JPG


Thank you for the kind words; they are truly flattering.

More importantly, it was great to spend time with you and Vi once again and see that you are both well.

Hope to see you again soon.