IR Training In Denver

The IR Building Science course in Denver is going well.
Lots to learn!!!

We had several Thermographers who were already
Level 1, 2, and 3 taking the course with us.

Jamie Wisecup was also there (it was nice to have a
fellow NACHI member there).

Pictures below are of me and Jamie, the instructor,
and the whole group as we learned about IR. :mrgreen:






Thats great, I hope you guys learn a bunch, to earn a bunch.


John just called me on my cell phone. He sounds a bit tired. I hear they get homework each night.

I am tired tonight, but it’s a good tired.

It’s a good feeling to have a NACHI family.

John, could you please re-tell the story of your first use of your camera? Scary.

After I first got my BCAM, I was called to do an inspection of a home that was
a little over a year old. This was very nice home and looked great.

I pulled out the Thermal Camera and found 8-9 moisture penetration problems
near windows, walls, ceilings, doors, roof flashings, porches, etc… Every
moisture area was verified with a moisture meter.

It scared the tar out me. I could not believe all the moisture I was seeing with
the IR camera. It made me shudder when I realized I have been doing
inspections for 9 years while being half blind.

NONE of the moisture problems had any evidence for the naked eye to
see. It blew my mind. I won’t do an inspection without my IR camera now.


Fantastic class, learning lots. I am so glad I took this. Will expand on this later, now have to study for test tomorrow.:slight_smile:

I wish I could have made it to the training class. I would love to be there! Let me know when the next IR class comes around!

Great Story! I love the infrared camera!

All done… the course if finished… and now on our way home.

Home sweet home…

See this link for training dates and time.

Sep 25-Sep 28, 07Clarksville, TN TBD
Any of you TN guys/gals!!!
Let them know if you are interested so they can set this up!

Things slow down in Sep when the kids are starting up school. May be a better time to take 4 days off.

Every one of the Level 1,2, and 3 Thermographers at the Building Science Course
said they were amazed at the amount of information that was NEVER taught to
them before they took this course.

One of the Level 3 Thermographers said that this course (Building Science)
covers about 80% of what you need for Level 1… but it goes on to teach
a huge volume of applications and tricks to the trade to make the thermal
imaging camera work in the REAL world of building and systems diagnosis.
He said that he could not keep up with all the information and had no idea
how much new revelations were in this class.

Think about this before you spend your money. During a home inspection,
most of the findings you will report will have nothing to do with temperatures,
but patterns. This course deals with the science of discovery and how
to use the camera, not just formulas. ITC is the worlds leader in teaching
IR inspectors.

I am not talking down to any Level 1, 2, or 3 thermographers. Those are
very good courses and have their place. I just want to help people
understand what they are about to spend their money on when they
sign up for one of these courses on thermal imaging.

I want you guys to think about it so you can get the most bang for
your buck… nuff said.

On a side note:… I was impressed with the sensitivity levels that could
be achieved by a few adjustments, that enabled the BCAM to see the
difference in temperature that is detected when a person breaths in
and out of their nose. It fun to lean how to tweak the camera.


Thanks for the Info.
I was leaning towards Building Science, but was advised that the Level 1 was “more important”!

I would not think so.

Thanks again.

Any other neat trick you learned?

I found a cool and quick way to determine the dew point temperature and set the “cool” alarm setting to locate anything that may condense moisture (BCAM does not have this alarm feature like the BCAM SD). Saves using another tester to determine the Td, and time. I need to verify my procedure with the camera before posting. I still need to determine the Emissivity effects in my procedure. Maybe you can help me out through e-mail.

Email me anything you have and we can kick it around.
I look forward to hearing from you.

How much $ was this course

BS = $1650.00