IR Yard Scans: InterNACHI experimenting to see if Low-E window can light a fire.

InterNACHI is setting up an experiment at the House of Horrors with a local fire investigator to see if we can start a fire with a Low-E window and if Infrared Certified InterNACHI members could possibly predict brush fires started by Low-E window by performing an infrared scan of the surrounding property.

I hope your not holding your breath;-)

Just had two more fires where Low-E glass was the determined cause:

It has been discussed for a long time on how low E windows can start fires, My hold your breath was in reference to the IR scan of surrounding properties. If you can sell that you can sell snow to an Eskimo. I am holding my breath:shock:

That would be interesting to see!


Interesting stuff. Lets us know how it goes.

Don’t wish to hyjack the thread but this thread reminds me of an experience I once had: Went to a clinic. The doctor’s desk is right against a large window. He sits so he faces the window. I am sitting perpendicular to him. Noticed smoke coming from his desk. Brought it to his attention. He put it out.

Turned out the window was focusing light unto the bunch of papers on his desk which was about to start a fire.


Interesting information, please keep us updated.

Be sure to get one of these windows for the test.

They are concave and give a more focused reflection at the right distance.

It has already been shown Low E windows can melt vinyl siding on adjacent structures. Look forward to your results.

Definitely have to lookout for Low-e windows with vinyl siding.