IRA Conversions

Has anyone converted their traditional IRA’s to Roth IRA’s because of the upcoming tax changes?

Nope… I refuse to give in to Obummers’ carp! Instead, I upgraded from a Queen size to a King size mattress!!! :shock::wink:

Good answer.

An IRA? Is that where you give someone a portion of the sweat of your labor, and they send you a piece of paper with some numbers on it… numbers they typed on the piece of paper themselves?

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Yes, we have a couple of pieces of paper IRA’s VWINX
and FNMIX that have done quite well for us during the last few years. Due to a recent death in the family, we were the beneficiaries of a small estate (under $1mil.) I met with our CPA a few days ago and found out it is not taxable. I guess we’ll stock up on gold, silver, guns, ammo and food rations. Do you trade your paper for another piece of paper that says you own gold/silver or do you trade for coins/bullion?:slight_smile:

Maybe I should have contacted you instead of my CPA.:stuck_out_tongue:

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Can i borrow some of your paper? I am running a little short this year.

My friends (most of them from back East) used to laugh at me for prepping. Then Sandy hit and they didn’t even have drinking water… now they’re preppers too.

Anyway, of your list, I like food rations and physical silver the most.

As for your IRA, in the years to come, the Federal Reserve’s printing will cause your IRA to grow in number of dollars (so you’ll feel like you’re doing well) while at the same time cause it to decrease in purchasing power.

With your newly-received inheritance, you’re kind of in the same position China is in, in that it is difficult to safely store wealth. If you buy physical silver, a thief could steal it. If you buy paper, the Federal Reserve could steal its purchasing power. China stores both.

The negotiations over the fiscal cliff and implementation of QE4 have slowed the rise of gold prices but it looks like they will continue to rise for 3-5 years and is still a good investment. So no ETF’s or stocks? How do you store/secure your silver and gold?