IRC residential inspector test

Has anyone taken the IRC residential inspection test, and if so can you supply any insight on the test

You need to know how to navigate the code book. Which test are you taking?

IRC Residential Inspector

I assume that you are speaking of the B-1. It is a very easy test.

Yes it’s B-1 are there a lot of table look ups


The B-1 is the easiest of the 4 tests.

Get your IRC Book; buy your marker tabs; install them in your book; take a magic marker and mark the chapters your test will be out of; speed read the index, table of contents and highlight common look-ups.

Then take the test. Like whats his name alread said / Its REAL easy.

When I passed the test last year, it was open book, but the book had to be clean (no marks or hand-written notes in it).

The tabs were permitted and useful.

This is how I passed though:

You need to know enough of the answers to buy yourself enough time at the end of the test to look up the answers you don’t know.


Thanks for the help