I am extremely annoyed at having to participate in these discussions prior to my taking the final exam! I think is extortion. As of today I will have completed 11, 801 home inspections in 30 years and every inspection is completed on the spot with a lap top with the **3-D inspection software **
Many digital pictures so I do not need instruction on how to upload a picture! There should be a option to allow one to “opt” out or bypass this section. And if Internachi continues this practice I will consider going back to my old affiliation!



I do not even know what you are talking about so take care :slight_smile:


Hi, Don.

I understand your frustration.

According to a few standards, including:

… accredited institutions must require students to interact with other students and instructors.

In order to attain a degree-earning credit from a course, student interactivity is absolutely required, regardless of the student’s experience.

I see you are an incredibly experienced inspector, and therefore, a great asset to InterNACHI and reliable resource to other InterNACHI members.

Uploading an image of a house component and writing a few brief descriptive sentences about its condition should be quite easy for experienced inspectors and fulfills the minimum educational standards by which InterNACHI follows.

What he said.

Thanks Ben for the education.


Don, you are perfect for the other association. :roll:

Yes, special interface for grouchy old guys.

Don, if you’ve been an inspector for 30 years and have completed almost 12,000 inspections why have you just now decided to join INachi, and take educational courses?

Is it by chance all of the “free” education courses you can apply for State licensing and/or required continuing education courses?

I’m just thinking outside of the box, but 30 years and 12,000 inspections, by now you probably, or should, know everything possible related to home inspections.

I liked your response better…

Some people actually appreciate free courses.

I’m sure uploading pictures is relatively easily for all of us Don. If InterNACHI wants you to do 50 jumping jacks on a roof to complete their (key word) course then guess what…you do it.

Not if its a 12-12 I won’t, that’s for guys in red hats. :mrgreen:

Haha…that’s when you post a “Irritated” Thread :twisted: