Is 4-point considered a home inspection ?

I’m fairly new to Florida so I haven’t gotten my Charlotte county home inspection license yet. I’ve already turned down work in Charlotte county because I won’t inspect a house without a license. I’m wondering if a 4-point inspection is considered a home inspection when it comes to licensing. It really isn’t the same thing. Can I legally do a 4-point in Charlotte county without my home inspectors license ?

I would suggest that you call who ever licenses home inspectors and ask.

Most places consider any inspection of 2 or more systems on a completed house to fall under the HI rules.

I don’t think you can inspect any system in the county without the appropriate license.

You’d think that would be the thing to do. When I first got here those people told me that I didn’t need a license for radon or septic inspections. Of course I do need one but they told me I didn’t. They didn’t seem to know what they were talking about. That’s why I ask on the NACHI board.

I guess that is not surprising. But it seemed pretty simple to me.

On any given day, Charlotte county doesn’t know who is and who is not licensed, because they are very slow to update records. If you go off the list because they claim they didn’t get your insurance certificate, it takes them months to put you back on. It is pretty much a joke, and the license has little to do with inspections anyway.

But then, that’s just one mans opinion…:roll:

You could be a consultant rather than a home inspector. Consultants seem to be able to do anything they darn well please.

I wouldn’t call a 4 point inspection a home inspection. Technically if you have the insurance forms you can get your neighbor to perform a 4 point. There are insurance companies that require a certified inspector though. Keep this in mind, if you are on site more than 30 minutes for a 4 point, you’re losing money. In the end it’s all up to Charlotte County and their viewpoint.