Is a bath vent fan ok over the stove?

This was in a 1981 kitchen that had been remodeled.



Looks, like a DIY’er install.

No. Never designed to be used for this application. Just like a box fan was never designed to be used for an exhaust fan in a kitchen even though I seen a hole cut in the ceiling and one laid over it. All they had to do is just plug it in and the smoke in that kitchen was gone in a few minutes.

I even seen a box fan used for the condensing unit when it’s fan went out. But that was because they were getting a new air conditioner the next day and they wanted cooling for that night. The pressures were high but it cooled the house.

The first thing in the Broan/NuTone installation guide states that it should be used the way the manufacturer intended.


1st thing to realize is that there is no requirement for a range vent.

But, the vent provided doesn’t have a grease or charcoal filter, which is common in fans designed for kitchens. What’s going to happen to the grease?

Call it out.

thanks. these 80’s homes are always a piece of work.