Is a firestop required? Is this the correct code ref?

Radon mitigation system going through the common wall (residential - house/garage) and through the drywall ceiling of the attached garage with no firestop/collars. Is this the correct code reference? If so what would be an example of “firmly packed with noncombustible material”?
321.08 3(b) Electrical and plumbing components. Penetrations of a
required separation by electrical and plumbing components shall
be firmly packed with noncombustible material or shall be protected
with a listed through−penetration firestop system with a rating
of at least one hour.

Thank you

Michael, the wall penetration was sealed with a clear sealant (not sure if it is fire rated though). My question is if fire rated sealant is used what happens when the pvc pipe melts. A fire collar is suppose to close the opening.


You are getting your oranges mixed in with your apples. A one hour rated fire wall is not required in a single family detached home between the house and an attached garage. On single family it is a 20 minute rated wall.
If duct were to pass through it would currently (not always in the past) have to be no less than no.26 gauge sheet metal. Other penetrations can pass through one but not both sides of the wall and be sealed with a material that prevents the free flow of smoke or flame but need not meet the requirements of ASTM E 136.
One hour walls are typically required at the tenant separation walls off attached Townhouses