is an outlet required in this area?

Before I call this out and end up with my foot in my mouth, does the area between the stairs & the closet door in the included photos fall into the 10’ or less hallway rule? Making an outlet not required?



I would not resort to code for that one, but instead inform your client of the inconvenience of not having a receptacle within 6’ of the doorway. I know I would want one in that niche for a powered fixture. That area would not be considered a hallway for the exemption anyway. Did you have access to the electrical plans?

No I didn’t have access to the electrical plans. This is a new home but has been sitting completed for many months so I will be going up against the typical “it’s passed the city inspection” response if I report it.

Unless it hit 18 months from the date the permit was pulled, then it will bump to most recent code cycle! (At least in my area it does).

The 6/12 rule has been around for many years. This area falls into that rule. Whether it passed elecrical rough or final is irrelevant. It sill needs to brought to the buyers attention IMO…maybe not in RED, but in the report.

The 6/12 rule is for habitable rooms, not foyers. Foyers have a separate rule. Unless the centerline measurement is 10 foot or more no receptacle is required .

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As Jim stated you need to first define what that area actually is. Foyers, hallways, and habitable room all have different requirements. If it just passed an inspection I would say nothing. :slight_smile:



210.52(I) Foyer Receptacles. Foyers that aren’t part of a hallway [210.52(H)] having an area greater than 60 sq ft must have a receptacle located on any wall space 3 ft or more in width and unbroken by doorways, floor to ceiling windows, and similar openings

In my opinion it doesn’t matter what the code is in this case. I would recommend that a receptacle be added for convenience.

After all we only recommend things. We have no enforcement.

As a licensed builder, home inspector, and code inspector to me that curve is not a foyer and not a reportable defect or condition.

If I felt like it I might comment verbally to a client that it could be nice to add an outlet in there in case they ever wanted to put a lamp or similar there.

BUT it would be a passing comment just like … Hey an awning over this big south facing window would be cool, etc.

Dan you always have the most sensible answer to most questions. As non code inspectors recommendations are always good and they help the client understand that we are there to not only inspect but to help them make the house a little better.

I disagree. Althouth that “curved area” is not called a “foyer”, it is considered a ‘part of a foyer’ (am assuming the entry door is just out of pic on the right). And if for some reason it is not actually part of the foyer, then it would be considered open wall area, which would fall under those requirements for spacing.

I can see this from both sides, mentioning or not mentioning but I must have read a hundred times that HI’s are not code inspectors so why mention something that is not a safety issue? Would one also report it would be convenient to have some receptacles installed in your outdoor soffits so you can plug in the Christmas lights?

In Minnesota… ABSOLUTELY!!!

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Juliet …

Is that staircase the 1st floor OR 2nd floor.

Is it hallway, entry foyer, big open room OR ???

Where is the closest electrical outlet?

AND most important have YOU called the local code AHJ, and asked them how they interpret that area AND if for safety OR to meet code does it REQUIRE an outlet in the curve?

And as Robert Meier brought up … IS there any safety reason, etc it needs an outlet … OTHER than to set a light OR popcorn machine in that curve …