Is anyone buying BP stock?

Seems like it should have fallen more than it has.

You’d be crazy to do so. In 6 months there will be no more BP. The Regime is determined to destroy that company.

BP stock is worth a heck of a lot more than Obama stock right now. :mrgreen:

Find a doctor you trust and have a check-up from the neck up. BP brought all of this on themselves and whatever penalty and bad karma they will receive over the destruction of the gulf will never be enough. Bankruptcy would be a blessing I suggest a quick trial and public execution of the senior executives. Were this a Chinese company it would be a 9mm bullet in the back of the head, in Japan dishonesty like this would be met with Seppuku.

The real question is: who shorted the stock and made money on its way down. I know wall steet did.

They are a highly regulated company in a highly regulated industry. Please enlighten us and let us know exactly what law or regulation was broken by BP?

Regarding your desire that they go bankrupt, there are over 20,000 BP employees in the USSA. Don’t you think Chairman Obama’s unemployment rate is high enough already?