Is anyone certified for Termites?

How does one get certified for termite inspections?

Hi louis

Contact Barry Stangle for training here:

He is the best in the business, a nice guy, a NACHI member and NACHI trainer.



Yes, AZ Structural Pest Control # 050898 :smiley:

Call for a quote;)

No need for a quote…

$24.95 :wink:

Seriously, what do you charge Brian?

Most folks down here are $33-$70.00

I have a home with a 6" horizontal crack in the brick veneer wall, would this be cosmetic.

Hi Gregg and welcome to the BB.

You may want to post this in “exteriors” to get more of a response.

It doesn’t sound structural but we do visual inspections. Do you have a pic or two? Is there any displacement of the bricks above or below? How wide is the crack?

Posting the answers to these questions when you do repost will help. :wink:

Me thinks you are in the wrong thread.:wink:

Anyways a pic would help.:stuck_out_tongue:

Thats what I ment to type.:cool:

$50.00 each with a HI, Todd, although for you my friend very special pricing, call.:wink:

Somtimes discounted for the larger $$$$ homes.:stuck_out_tongue:

Yes it could be.

I think we got off the track.

Nahhh, this is NACHI, it’s okay. Soon enough this will veer off into the type of haircut that is in style for Home Inspectors:D :smiley: :smiley:


I am going back to the Mullet as soon as a can grow more on top :wink: