Is anyone else experiencing a slow down?

Is anyone else experiencing a slow down in the Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie County areas?

No, Marvin. If anything it is going faster. Of course, I’m retired. I hope it picks up for you soon! :smiley: :upside_down_face:

Hey Marvin how ya doin’?
I am much busier than I want to be, booked thru next Thursday.
Been this way for about 3 months,
I know I referred you one a few months ago.
How far down would you consider coming in case I get stuff in WPB, Boynton, Delray?
Was in Hobe Sound, I’m NOT driving a 2 hour round trip any more.

Hi Marc;

I cover all of Palm Beach County. Boynton, Delray and Boca are ok.
Thanks for the referral but I believe they went elsewhere.
Business has been ok up until the first part of June but then slowed considerably…do not know why.

Thanks again

I am busy. I just wish it would quit raining here. I have to dress like the Gloucester fisherman lately.

Crazy busy… so glad it started raining again, found 3 roof leaks last week.

Been raining HARD every day for almost 2 weeks. Heavy storm right now.
Here’s a roof … errrr. was it a pool from last Thursday ~ it wasn’t leaking ~ YET! :cowboy_hat_face:

roof11 roof12 roof3 roof7

Looks like it has leaked before.
It has been hit and miss here with the rain. We need alot more rain here all the swamps, ponds and canals are very low.