Is anyone into astronomy out there

I have several telescopes but I just got this 8 inch dobsonian.
Can’t wait to get it out of the Box and point it out in the sky.
I’ve been wanting this for years. my wife bought it for me for a Father’s Day present.


Nice telescope Roy. I have had a few over the years, but like my golf clubs, accumulating a lot of dust these days. Might need to bring them out and dust them off. :wink:

Thomas invite me up there during when you play golf. You hit the balls and I’ll shoot them to with my Remington 1100.
Sounds like a plan huh


Don’t waste your gas money hauling your Remington 1100. I have one in my closet you can borrow. Sweet shooter it is!

I like my 1100. A good dove sooting and gun

Would you sell it to me.
I’ll give you top dollar for a Remington 1100

Sorry! Won’t sell because it’s my “Zombie”, apocalypse, food survival gun. Early 80’s model. Small or big game for food on the table.

Nice scope I hope you enjoy it. I met John Dobson 20 years ago, he’s a humble man. I had a similar 10” Coutler Newtonian Dob years ago. Looks like you have a f/6-f/8 will be nice for planets.


I have almost the exact one, just a different manufacturer (Orion Skyline). They are a lot of fun, Roy!


I had an 1100 for a few years. I wore it out and got an 1187. I thought that was the best gun until I wore it out a few years later. Now, I have a Benelli, but I’ve migrated to a side by side which is my go-to gun, and rarely use the Benelli.

I hunt with a couple of guys that had both of those at one time and they couldn’t hold a candle to my 870. LOL. I bought it used back in 1994, put several thousand rounds through it over the years and it still works like the day I brought it home. I have 2 of them now, a 12 Ga and a 20 Ga, but use my Benelli Nova as my primary in the goose pit and duck blind (got 2 of them also 12&20). “Ol’ Trusty” is always in the truck just in case. I will take my Stoeger Longfowler 20 Ga with me when we have youths that don’t have much experience hunting or just target shooting. Taught all my kids how to shoot with it, using clays and a portable thrower. Great platform for beginners and not too expensive.

If I ever were to get a NEW auto loader, it would be an SBE-3, but it’s awfully pricy…

I have an 870 that I bought in 1974 on Friday night at Gibsons for like $120. Vent-rib full choke. Saturday, somehow, I took a limit of ducks with that full choke (ten back then). A lot of sandhill cranes fell to that gun. On a windy day in March many years ago, hunting snow geese out at Crook, we had four guns in the pit. The sand was blowing so bad that by noon the only working gun was the 870. We were handing it back and forth as the geese came in. Heck of a day.
Liked it so much that I got another barrel and put a Polychoke on it back in '78. That was my go-to quail and pheasant gun for 30 years.

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Had a very similar hunt out in Crook about 15 years ago. Everyone had auto loaders except for me. Didn’t take too long before I was the only one that could shoot. LOL. The wind out there can be brutal. Brought this guy home from that hunt.


Funny how the thread went from shooting stars to shooting birds. But hey, the OP took it there… :shushing_face: :crazy_face:


Yes I did, but am bring it back! :grinning:

Good Day Roy,
As a Brother from another mother… My grandfather Hodges along with great granddad would grind their own mirrors and lenses in the basement and build telescopes . My dad is very much into astronomy as grandfather Hodges was instrumental in starting the Regina Astronomical society, in Regina Saskatchewan, Canada. I have a 4" Brassier Telescope that I break out once in a while. Hopefully more now that retirement seems to be immanent, because of the stroke.
Happy to meet

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Nice! I hope to here from you when you decided to look up at the night sky again.