Is ASHI going to roast me at their Roundtable? I'm a speaker at their event. :bug:

Looks like we have an aisle to ourselves:

Booth Space 404 looks interesting…

Try to keep smiling… :slight_smile:

Our PRO-LAB aisle of 7 booths will actually be:

I can’t imagine they will try to do that. It is a perfect opportunity to erase the false image of NACHI that is presented, and you are the best Representative I know of.


make sure you contain yourself and not brush up on your boxing skills with the NAHI folks!!!:smiley:


Ahh…Roastya Huh…just tell them you taste like chicken…and ask them if they wanna bite.

This isn’t the first time ASHI has had me speak at one of their events and they always treat me very nicely. Actually, they treat me like royalty.

I can’t say the same for that other unethical group. I think we should have a boxing match for charity though. I’ll take on 3 inspectors from that REALTOR bribing, for-profit association out of Minneapolis at the same time. We’ll give the money to the NACHI Foundation.

Nick, where do I buy tickets? Do you need a corner-worker?

Well done or should I say Nuked!

Maybe we should do this for real? I would be willing to fight their entire Board of Directors at once for charity. If I win though, they have to stop their scumbag preferred vendor scheme. No kicking, just 16 ounce boxing gloves. I’ll set it all up.

Anyone know a Board member of the scumbag Minneapolis association to bounce the idea off of?

I’m not sweating it:

“The fight for consumer protection!” This could end their scumbag preferred vendor scheme once and for all.

I’ll look into renting us a ring. Someone contact their BOD and see if they’ll go for it. We’ll do it in Vegas!

I thought NACHI did fine with Bill Mullen at the Toronto NACHI conference but apparently he did not feel he got the royal treatment he expected .
The things he said after the convention where not very nice .
Oh! well I guess that is the OAHI/CAHPI method.
Glad for you Nick and ASHI too this is just the way things should be done.
… Cookie

Use lighter gloves Nick if you have to fight the whole board, and put the hurt on them. :smiley:

Come on Nick, Lets do this live on Nachi TV :mrgreen:

It’s going to be impossible to get their entire board to climb into a ring with me, so how about this:

I’ll fight any one Minneapolis REALTOR-bribing Board member with one hand tied behind my back.

If I win though… that Board member agrees to push his scumbag association toward prohibiting participation in preferred vendor schemes (like respected orgs such as CMI, ASHI, and NACHI already prohibit) which allow unqualified inspectors to buy undeserved praise from REALTORs who steer their clients toward the inspectors that pay the most instead of fulfilling their fiduciary duty to recommend the best inspectors based on merit. Preferred vendor schemes harm inspectors and consumers alike. I think it a fine idea to have a friendly boxing match to end the sleazy practice.

Let’s see if any of them are men and take me up on the challenge.

I’ll make it a live NACHI.TV pay per view event, right online, and win or lose we’ll donate all the money to the NACHI Foundation so that they can purchase and distribute more smoke detectors for the hearing impaired.