Is Cap and Trade Dead?

Three Major Firms Pull Out of Climate Change Alliance

Climate change is dead.

The other day we had snow in all 50 states. Now if that isn’t strange I don’t know what is. There’s a difference between weather (which can be screwy anywhere and anytime) and climate which makes often imperceptible changes that can have big effect.

But only science can determine what’s happening. Not politics.

When more and more people are being introduced into the world, we will be using more and more natural resouces. Management of the resouces would be of better use by non-interference of government. Cap and Trade has too many changes to our society that in the long term, would kill jobs, and create economic havoc. I hope that it is truly, dead.

Fraud is being exposed across the nation!
[FONT=Arial]I have been in touch with the author of the book “Energy Fraud”. On another “message board” one wise pundit questioned his motives so here is Mr. Wingfiled’s response.

There are always critics. Please post this reply:

Dear Mr. Bailes,

RESNET enjoys a monopoly on inspections of the Energy Star program. RESNET’s own web site for their 2007 Annual Report sites problems with the quality of those inspections. Therefore the evidence of FRAUD and poor inspections is **not **limited to a single home per RESNET’s own web site.

After the launch of many consumers provided me more evidence of many abuses, including one who sent me the guilty plead of Steve Baden the Director of RESNET on charges of ethics violations from his employment for the State of Alaska. Another consumer summed it up this way, RESNET is a morally rotten organization.

Both consumers and inspectors have contacted me. The evidence is overwhelming. The fraud is rampant. Many complaints have fallen on deaf ears. The good news is that many of the RESNET Providers want the problem to be cleaned up. However they doubt the intentions of the National Association of Home Builders, the EPA and their own leadership.

Being a third generation home builder I was appalled when one RESNET Rater reported to me the comment of a home builder client of his, “I don’t care if you say the home is not qualified for a tax credit, the other rater said it was.”

So you see the FRAUD impacts everyone who pays taxes. So even the new guidelines are not going to be able to remove the subjective human element out of the process. Or eliminate the home builder who wants to cheat. Or the inspector who want to undercut his price and service versus the inspector who truly wants to be fair and honest. Or the EPA who insists on publishing a bogus number of greenhouse gas emissions saved from their Energy Star program.

If the new guidelines of the Energy Star program are to be more rigorous then why the change from a SINGLE HERS Score to a Range? Why not require Thermal Imaging? Why not provide copies of the Thermal Bypass Checklist for the Home Builder to sign and require this checklist be given the consumer? Why not require a picture of the blower door and duct blast and results given to the consumer like when a home inspector provides a copy of the home inspection to the consumer? Why not prove that a Manual J calculation was performed on the home? My builder just guessed.
Why does the EPA require a Thermal Bypass Checklist and RESNET does not?

Fraud at my residence including more than just listing a programmable thermostat when there was none, it included THIRTEEN ERRORS OR FRAUDULENT ENTRIES IN ORDER TO FABRICATE A HERS SCORE OF 63. FACT - None of the 24 homes built in my subdivision were compliant.
Complaints are all over the country!

After the power vent was connected with electricity and set to run when the attic was 95 degrees and higher, a drop in the Air Conditioner usage was noticeable. It does not run continuously. Negative pressure in the attic? The attic accesses are now thermally sealed. Their is no health issue.

In conclusion, I am helping the industry to improve. It is my only motivation. The program should not have rampant Fraud and abuse. The program needs to be improved. My book will be out in a few weeks and one chapter goes into many suggestions for the Energy Star program. Some of the ideas are from local code enforcement of Delaware County, Ohio.

You asked about me, or specifically why I don’t have a “About Us” page. This cause is not about me. Since you asked I will tell you who I am. I am a Third-generation home builder of hundreds of homes, in construction since age eight. Building products experts as it pertains to concrete, masonry, sealants, waterproofing, and steel framed construction. Commercial General Contractor and licensed Realtor for the State of Ohio. Expert in Energy Star construction with considerable knowledge of sustainability as it relates to the LEED’s program (which has also drawn it’s critics).
I have been forty-two floors high in a swing stage and constantly get phone calls from the A & E community for my expertise. I am married with no children, although again I question why you would want to know.

If you have read my blog, I am sorry to say it is new. But the last entry is evidence of the problems with home builders in this country. Become a follower at And when you have an opinion please feel free to voice it. The great thing about this country is the right to free speech.


Bruce Wingfield
End Quote:

All I can say is… Keep up the Good work! :razz: